Biosecurity Solutions

SafetyWay is a division of HISANTA Group specialized in biosecurity solutions. In fact, if there is any kind of problem related to infectious substances, we can develop different solutions for tackling them.

Our acting fields are:

Thanks to our experience and our knowledge of regulations, applying the above mentioned criteria, SafetyWay offers in the process of biological risk management:

1. Audit and rick assessment implementation when biological agents are involved (hospitals, clinics, laboratories, biotechnology companies, etc.).

2. Process protocol and corrective measures for protection (either active or passive).

3. Development and supply of packagings, containers and various health materials.

4. Transport of infectious substances.

5. Hospital, clinical and laboratory waste management.

6. Emergency actions during animal or human health alerts.

7. Training and information.

When may you need us?

SafetyWay offers training and solutions which may be useful, for instance, to put a laboratory into operation; to send samples to another center; to manage dangerous waste or to receive continuous and accurate training.

An extensive group of professional experts (engineers, lawyers, ecologists, safety advisers, etc.) and a wide range of collaborators are capable of conceiving ideas that would turn any process safer or innocuous (authorized transporters, waste management plants, etc.).